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Service Guarantees

99.9 Uptime, 15 DayS Money Back Guarantee and 24/7 Support!
Fast. Efficient. Effective. FilcodeChanging the way Philippine web hosting is done
“A good company starts from humble beginning” Company Profile
The Philippines' premium web hosting

Our primal goal is to innovate and provide advanced and quality products along with the industry's leading customer service and support, all for affordable prices.

     Filcode is one of the leading web service providers in the Philippines. Its internet-based solutions enable small and medium sized enterprises including ordinary people to build, promote, manage, profit or just express individuality from their online presence. Founded by a new breed of young gifted students and well-seasoned technology entrepreneurs, emblazoned with the pursuit of becoming the Philippine's leading web hosting provider, Filcode is equipped with a unique, customer-centric suite of internet solutions including web hosting, server management and web design.

     We at Filcode, affordable hosting solutions do not sacrifice quality. Filcode's network prides itself on having built a solid, redundant network; and can thus offer greater than 99% uptimes. We achieve this through a simple and scalable architecture. We run a state-of-the-art datacenter monitored by our expert network specialists based in the U.S. to ensure maximum security and uptime for our customers' servers. Our datacenter uses the best breed of equipments like Foundry Networks NetIron 40G Switch Routers, which deliver up to 1.2 Terabits/second switching capacity to satisfy the exploding bandwidth requirements of our customers. Our Core Network and Edge architecture are designed to support up to 6x10Gbps of Internet traffic as deployed. The switching core employs Foundry BigIron 800 MultiLayer Switches featuring the TerathonT ASIC-based architecture. Access switches within the datacenter are Foundry EdgeIron 48G Layer 2 Switches with dual Gigabit Uplinks to two separate Core/Distribution Switches. With these advance equipment, we can provide the best quality service to our customers.

     We are a customer-centric company and we value every single client that patronizes our services. We clearly understand that our customers and no one else provide us the opportunity to find the road towards success and rapid progress.

     We are dedicated to our mission and we are continuously being dedicated to provide you the best web hosting services possible. Our goal is to provide our customers tomorrow with better, faster and more reliable services than the conventional website hosting services than yesterday.

     There are many web-hosting providers all presenting the same promises of a reliable and superior web hosting in the market. But we firmly believe that this does not end in this. Supporting your customers the right way requires the proper cognizance and education in every area of the company that Filcode apparently, has cultivated and still is cultivating since its inception. It also requires a great deal of flexibility on behalf of the provider to meet customer needs for third-party applications such as databases, scripts and E-commerce among other things.

     Pursuing the best possible quality of service and delivering on our promises and mission, development and client handling are the primal aspects of Filcode's mission to be the best web hosting provider in the industry. With that said, we establish ourselves in the core values which are honesty, integrity, fairness and loyalty to customers. These values help guide Filcode staff in every situation-in dealing with every client, affiliates and employees. Most importantly, it provides growth and development opportunities for all employees committed to fulfilling the company's vision and for continuous improvement in quality, processes and customer satisfaction in this age of information technology.

  • Full UPS, Generator, and Battery power to support 4,000 amps running at 13,200 VAC with full N+2 redundancy.

  • Outstanding environmental conditions with 590 TONs of Computer Room Air Conditioning and 180 TONs of house air conditioning in the data center alone.

  • Full Foundry Powered Network that optimizes wire speed technology.

  • Redundant dedicated connections and extensive availability of dark fiber and several Internet Carriers onsite.

  • 4/7/365 security and onsite network monitoring, strategically placed biometric palm and thumb scanners, extensive use of physical man traps, dual authentication access doors, and a state-of-the-art Altronix powered security system.

  • A "Building within a building" isolation which minimizes the risk of natural disasters.

  • Our Data Center space features waterless chemical fire suppression.
  Network Infrastructure
  • Solid redundant network
  • Numerous connections to the Internet backbone utilizing BGPv4 to transmit route information
  • Redundant routing paths are provided through extensive use of OSPFv2 (RFC 2328).
  • Foundry Powered Core
  • Delivers up to 1.2 Terabits/second switching capacity.
  • Core Network and Edge architecture are designed to support up to 6x10Gbps of Internet traffic as deployed.
  • All relay points on the wireless network are connected via multiple backbone uplinks to both geographic bandwidth aggregation points and other major backbone sites for further redundancy.
Network Diagram
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